Goats Love To Eat Christmas Trees

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If you haven't already disposed of your holiday-themed pine tree, think about giving it to your local herd of goats.​ Turns out, goats are fantastic Christmas tree recyclers, who are more than happy to give your tree the sweet release it's been pining for.

In fact, the tough and coarse needles of these conifers are perfect for our goat friends, who thrive on a diet of roughage.

Don't believe it? Just watch these goat feeding frenzies.

Goat Owner Explains Why Goats Love Christmas Trees


'Apparently, The Fiber Does Them A Lot Of Good'


A Time-Lapse Of A Goat Christmas Tree Feeding Frenzy


Just Look At These Goats Chow Down On This Tree


Go Goats, Eat That Tree


Even Baby Goats Love Them


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