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Say goodbye to the iPhone XS and XR. Say hello to the iPhone 11 and the iPhone 11 Pro. In addition to the new iPhones, Apple introduced the iPad, the Apple Watch Series 5 and updates to its Apple Arcade and Apple TV+ subscription services. We've collected the highlights below:

As It Happened

Tim Cook is here:

And we're starting with the App Store and Apple Arcade

Apple Arcade

Apple Arcade will be Apple's new game subscription service. It will launch on September 19th with over 100 games. The games will be available on a variety of Apple's devices. The Arcade subscription will cost $4.99/month.

Konami is behind one of the games — "Frogger in Toy Town":

Capcom, meanwhile, is launching "Shinsekai: Into the Depths," and underwater adventure:

Apple TV+

Next up, Tim Cook is back to talk about Apple TV+. TV+ will cost $4.99/month and launch November 1.

After highlighting the shows and trailers we've already heard about ("For All Mankind," "The Morning Show," "Dickinson"), Cook shared the trailer for "See," a new show starring Jason Momoa about a world 200 years into the future where almost everyone is blind. We're getting some real "Children of Men but with blindness" vibes:

7th-Generation iPad

Apple is refreshing the standard 9.7-inch model. It's now a 10.2-inch display and keeps the home button, eschewing the iPad Pro-style design. It will ship with iPadOS and cost $329:

A new floating keyboard saves screen space:

Apple Watch Series 5

Tim Cook is back, and kicks things off with a long video about how the Apple Watch is helping people with their health problems.

After the Apple Heart Study, Apple is launching three new health studies using the Apple Watch: a hearing study, a women's health study and a heart and movement study:

As expected, we're getting the Apple Watch Series 5. The GPS model starts at $399, and the cellular model at $499. You can also now get the Series 3 for $199. The Series 5 brings a new always-on display to the Watch:

There's lots of new tech in there to keep an 18-hour battery life, despite the always-on screen:

Boy Scouts, rejoice: the Watch Series 5 is getting a compass:

The Series 5 will include titanium and ceramic case options — here's the white ceramic:

iPhone 11

Now what we're really here for: the new iPhones. The iPhone 11 will cost $699. The notch is still with us, but the iPhone 11 is getting colors:

And, uh, how about that camera bump:

The camera now features an ultra-wide view lens:

Apple says Portrait Mode has been improved:

After falling behind Android phones in low-light photography, Apple is launching Night Mode:

A number of upgrades are also coming to the iPhone's video capabilities:

Apple is upgrading the chip, to the A13 Bionic, which they say will be the fastest CPU and GPU in a smartphone:

iPhone 11 Pro

The upgrade option will be the iPhone 11 Pro. It will start at $999. The Max version will start at $1099. They'll be available for preorder on Friday and start shipping on September 20th. It has a new display apple is calling "Super Retina XDR" (but it still has a notch). It's made of stainless steel and glass and has a third camera:

It features new colors, including a green color:

Apple is heralding the enhanced machine learning and low-power mode in the A13 Bionic chip, and says the iPhone 11 Pro will get 4 hours more battery life than the iPhone XS.

The back camera array features a wide camera, a telephoto camera and an ultra-wide camera, which together offer 4x optical zoom:

Apple introduces a new "Deep Fusion" mode, for low and medium light photography. It's Apple's first major foray into computational photography, where they've lagged behind Google:

With the new FiLMiC Pro app, you can preview and film from multiple cameras at once:

And here's how the new matte-finish iPhone 11 Pro looks in person:

And that's a wrap!

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