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Depending on your view, today is one of the best or worst days on the internet, where half the things you see are fake and most of the jokes are pretty dumb. It's April Fools' Day! 

We'll be collecting the best and worst April Fools' gags we spot from around the web here, updating this post as we find more:

Tinder Height Verification

Tinder dropped their height verification announcement on March 29th, but we're quite sure that this is, in fact, an April Fools' gag:


Snake In Google Maps

 Google put an updated version of Snake in its Google Maps mobile apps (accessible through the sidebar). It's our favorite kind of April Fools' trick, since it isn't a trick so much as a fun, silly game to waste a little bit of time on at the office:


Google, being Google-sized, didn't limit itself to one gag, also announcing the talkative Google Tulip:


OnePlus's WarpCar

Phone maker OnePlus built a full landing page for the WarpCar:



McDonald's Shake-Dipping Sauces

This is a weak April Fools' joke, but we're not going to lie — we would be into this if it were real:


Burger King's (Real) Impossible Meat Whopper

Burger King announced the new Impossible Meats beefless Whopper on Monday, but it's not a joke. That said, it's currently only available at 59 BK locations in the St. Louis area:


Starbucks' Pupbucks

It appears Starbucks' creative team forgot to have their coffee this year, because Pupbucks is pretty weak (though the dogs are cute):


The US Open went a similar direction, when this is really something they should do in real life:


Pornhub's Baterade

No comment.


The Los Angeles Times Trolls The New York Times

Angelenos have had to put up with years of bad trend pieces about their city from the New York Times, and the Los Angeles Times' food section finally had enough this year, expertly aping the Gray Lady's style:

In Los Angeles, we're spoiled by the breadth and quality of our dining options. In addition to outstanding year-round produce, I can get great huaraches, refreshing mul naengmyeon and impeccable chả giò within 15 minutes of where I live. But what about New York, a largely culturally bereft island that sits curiously between the Hudson and East Rivers at the foot of the Catskill Mountains? Sure, we've all heard of hot dogs, a staple of every New Yorker's diet, famously gnawed on by rodent and human alike in that "toddling town."

[Los Angeles Times]

REI Launches Its Guide To The Outdoors For Pets

The sporting good and outdoor retailer REI launched a new, fake product called REI Pet Ventures — "global adventure travel just for pets." From REI's blog:

The inspiration for Pet Ventures—active adventures designed with pets in mind—began with REI customers. For the last few years, customers traveling with REI Adventures raved about the trips, but consistently told trip leaders that they wished they could expose their pets to the same level of adventure. "Our first thought was to have folks bring their pets along on the adventures, but to be sensitive to those allergic to or fearful of animals, we thought, why shouldn't the pet be able to travel on their own?" explained Rodgers. "There's many a turtle or goldfish who would prefer to leave their humans behind and have an adventure." James Rodgers of REI Adventures, Pet Ventures was born.


The blog post didn't have flashy video like some of these other pranks, but it did feature this adorable photo of quilly little friend about to embark on a "Thailand Beach Climbing Adventure: Hedgehog Route."



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