The Rainbow-Hued Architecture Of Turkey, And More Of The Best Photography Of The Week

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Every week, we curate the best new photography and photojournalism on the web, so you can spend your weekend kicking back and enjoying some beautiful pictures. Here are this week's picks:

This Desperate Society Of Ours

Khachaturov's figures don't do much, but what they do is strangely familiar: they sit, a lot. Sometimes they stand, other times lie down, often in pairs and groups, though rarely interacting despite the proximity. They are alone together, the perfect illustrations of our alienated state. You could just as easily imagine them with a phone in their hands, and then everything would make sense.

[See more photos at Feature Shoot]

The Flooding In Fishlake

Since 2007, photographer Gideon Mendel has been working on Drowning World, an art and advocacy project about flooding. The series has taken him to India, the Philippines, the US, France, Bangladesh and Haiti - and now a South Yorkshire village

[See the photos at The Guardian]

A Love Letter To London's Disappearing Launderettes

The first self-service launderette - Central Wash - opened in London in 1949, before rapidly expanding across the country. Launderettes were widespread in the '70s, but since then, numbers have deteriorated. There are now just 462 left in London, and photographer Joshua Blackburn has visited and photographed every one.

[Huck Magazine]

From Ghost Towns To Rodeos

Taken during a road trip through the western part of the city, Cinematic Montana is a captivating look at the wildness and starkness of nature, ghost town remnants, and portraits of the people he met along the way. From the obligatory shots of cowboys in their element to slightly more unexpected scenarios (like, say, being followed by a buffalo on a deserted country road), Hoekstra's Montana series, as with the rest of his portfolio, is imbued with that signature cinematic touch we've come to anticipate.

[See the photos at Plain]

Colorful Photos Of Turkey's Rainbow-Hued Architecture

Photographer Yener Torun has an eye for color. While many consider the urban landscape a drab environment, Torun thinks differently. The Turkish photographer, who studied architecture, spends his time wandering the streets of Istanbul to find unique examples of rainbow-hued buildings and prove that urban living can be colorful.

[See the photos at My Modern Met]

One Year After This Couple Were Married, They Had To Face Cancer Together. Here's How They Coped.

Venezuelan photographer Ana Maria Arevalo Gosen met her husband, Philipp, in 2009 when he was spending a year as a German exchange student in Venezuela. Shortly after that, she moved to France. But they kept up their relationship over long distance for the next four years until she moved to Hamburg to live with him. One year later, in 2015, they were married. As with so many things in life, happiness is sometimes coupled with pain.

[See the photos at The Washington Post]

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