The Unbuilt Streets Of California’s Ghost Metropolis, And More Of The Best Photography Of The Week

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​​Every week, we curate the best new photography and photojournalism on the web, so you can spend your weekend kicking back and enjoying some beautiful pictures. Here are this week’s picks:

Photography-Loving Sea Captain Captures The Quiet Beauty In Everyday Moments

Lin is a self-taught photographer who has been honing his skills since 2014, and it’s not quite his full-time job—yet. He is a sea captain by day, which is where he has shot some of his most striking compositions featuring a bird’s-eye view of a seafarer cleaning a ship deck juxtaposed with the crackled ocean waters. Lin now has many exhibitions and photography awards under his belt, and he’s even closer to pursuing the field full-time.

[See the photos at My Modern Met]

Portrait Of Britain 2019

“With the return of Portrait of Britain, the question of national identity has never seemed so loaded,” says Bainbridge. “Facing a divided nation, Portrait of Britain aims to frame these questions of identity differently, looking at who we are as a nation of individuals, apart from the politics of division.” 

[See the photos at British Journal of Photography]


Today, the hijab is often reduced to a vilified symbol, rendering it a pawn in the nationalistic culture of fear. Women in hijab risk stereotyping, social exclusion, judgement and abuse. Many associate the veil with extremism and female suppression. These interpretations do not represent the complete story.

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A Photographer’s Intimate Self-Portrait Of Womanhood In Middle Age

[W]hat is true is that signs of aging in women are treated as though they ought to be invisible, which makes the subject a natural one for Elinor Carucci, a photographer who has long been drawn to the disconcerting closeup.

[See the photos at The New Yorker]

39 Pics Of The Ruins Of Fukushima Eight Years After The Nuclear Disaster

Opuszczona szkoła w strefie wykluczenia 7 lat po tsunami i awarii reaktora w elektrowni Fukushima. Jadąc tam myślałam,…

Posted by on Monday, May 14, 2018

PL/ENGFukushima – od zawsze była moim największym urbexowym marzeniem, które udało mi się spełnić w marcu 2018. Radość…

Posted by on Monday, May 28, 2018

I love abandoned places but being there was just too traumatic. From the moment you step there,  you are surrounded by the depth of the tragedy which happened. It was breaking my soul.

[See the photos at Bored Panda]

The Unbuilt Streets Of California’s Ghost Metropolis

Founded in the 1950s, California City was intended to rival Los Angeles in size. It never took off.

[See the photos at Wired]

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