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Ah, the price of a pint in any given city — a subject where beer snob opinions, hometown pride and cost of living concerns collide in a headache-inducing mess to rival the worst hangovers. Is a great city for beer one where you can guzzle down rounds on the cheap, or one where premium imports and craft taprooms pull people's attention (and prices up with it)? Personal finance website HowMuch has taken the average prices of draft beer from dozens of cities and paired them with per capita consumption to produce this chart:


Now, before you send an email about how your local watering hole does $2 PBR pours every night, keep in mind that the prices collected were sourced from major hotel chains — so even though $8 or $9 a pint is fairly common in Manhattan, a local (hopefully) isn't exchanging their hard-earned Hamiltons for Sam Adamses at the local Marriott on a regular basis. 

Generally, beer costs less in countries that consume large amounts, like the Czech Republic and Poland (which, according to Statista, are the number one and two consumers of beer per capita). Meanwhile, cities with very low consumption and prices on the higher end — like Hong Kong, Singapore and Tel Aviv — shouldn't come as much of a shock when you see how they rank amongst the most expensive cities to live in. If you're a beer drinker in cities like those, you might save it for special occasions out of necessity.


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We don't really need a reminder of just how bad smoking is for us. Bad for our physical health, the environment, and cringe-worthy on so many social justice levels. Why is it then, that women always looked so damn cool smoking their cigarettes in vintage photographs?

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