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A very different map of Europe and Asia emerges when you remap the countries of these two continents by each individual nation's population, as can be seen by this map from Reddit user pleudofo.

In this reconstructed map, each block represents 500,000 people. China and India account for nearly one-third of the global population and are clear leaders among the two continents. Adjusted accordingly, their bloated landmasses dwarf nearly every other European and Asian nation.

It is also interesting to note how a few island nations in Asia — Japan, Indonesia, Philippines — appear as much larger landmasses under these parameters.

In Europe, Russia, Germany and France lead the numbers, with Italy, Ukraine and Poland not far behind.

The smallest representation — and least populated — nations in this map all belong in Europe and include the Faroe Islands, San Marino and Monaco.

The Vatican appears to be the least populated among this section of the world and is the only nation with a population of under 1,000 people.

[Via Reddit]

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