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It’s fair to say that tastes for TV shows may differ quite a bit across the globe. And if you want a glimpse of how eclectic cultural tastes are around the world, take a look at this map from review website Rave Reviews that shows the favorite show of each country (see here for the full-sized image):

Using IMDb, Rave Reviews found TV shows from each country and then selected the “favorite” show of each respective country by its IMDb User rating. In the US, for instance, despite the highly divisive nature of the show’s final season, “Game of Thrones” is still the highest-rated show with a 9.4 score. For Mexico, it’s the Netflix show “Narcos: Mexico,” while in Canada, “The X-Files” reigns supreme.

And if you feel like going down the rabbit hole and exploring the highest-rated TV shows of different countries, here are the favorite shows from other continents:

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