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Google is still ramping up their hardware game, and their annual Made By Google event brought their latest and greatest to the stage in New York. We got to see (officially, after all the leaks) the new Pixel phones, a preview of the fully wireless Pixel Buds, the new Nest Mini, the new Pixelbook Go, and more.

We've rounded up the highlights from the event below. You can go order the new products at Google's store.

Live Updates

And we're off, live from New York. Google's hardware chief Rick Osterloh is on stage first (sorry, Sundar Pichai). Osterloh is playing up the idea of "ambient computing," where your computer is "all around you" and "there whenever you need it" -- and primarily activated by voice.

Google Stadia

Google's game streaming platform Stadia will be available on November 19th, across all Google devices, including Pixel phones:

Google Pixel Buds

Google is finally launching a pair of fully wireless earbuds. They look… pretty small? Osterloh says Pixel Buds will stay connected across three rooms indoors, and across a football field outdoors. They'll have 5 hours of battery life, and 24 hours with the charging case. They'll cost $179, but unfortunately, they won't be available until next spring.

The Pixel Buds will allow some outside noise in, and will adapt to your surroundings:


Google is spending a lot of time now playing up their commitment to recycled materials and sustainable design. It sounds good, but we're still dealing with consumer electronics here. Or, to put it another way:

Pixelbook Go

Here's the new Pixelbook design. It's available for pre-order and will cost $649 (and that's about all the details we got):

Nest Mini

Google is rebranding the Google Home products under the Nest brand. The Nest Mini is now designed to be hung on the wall. It will cost $50.

The machine learning has now been moved onto the Nest Mini itself, which should speed up the Assistant experience. Google is also rolling out new pricing for the Nest Aware cameras, with a single monthly rate for all your cameras:

The new Home app will gather all the Nest product alerts under a single app:

Nest WiFi

The Nest WiFi Router and Point are a two piece router and extender system, a combo that Google says will cover "about 85% of homes in the US":

The WiFi controls will run through an app, and it integrates with Nest Home so you can do things like turning off your kids WiFi:

Pixel 4

It's Pixel 4 time, and yep, the leaks were right. The smaller Pixel 4 will start at $799 for the 64GB variant, and the Pixel 4XL at $899. The Verge already has a hands-on look at the new Pixel 4 up -- you can read it here.

Starting off with Google's motion-sensing Project Soli, which puts radar in the Pixel 4. Among other things, Google says Motion Sense will make Face Unlock faster, since it senses when you're reaching for your phone:

Google is showing off what Motion Sense can do -- switching songs, turning off alarms, silencing calls, speeding up Face Unlock. On the privacy front, you can turn off Motion Sense and if it is on, all the data stays on your phone:

Google Assistant is getting a cleaner redesign and is getting a lot faster, thanks to moving the language models onto the phone itself:

Google is also bringing a new voice recorder to the Pixel, which also has live transcription that looks quite impressive. You can also search through the transcriptions and listen to timestamped recordings:

The display has been a sticking point for the Pixel phones in the past, but Google says the Pixel 4 is an upgrade (including a new 90 Hz smooth display):

Now we turn to cameras. Say hi to the square (now featuring a second, telephoto lens):

As in the past, Google is less concerned with the hardware than the software. Combined with the new telephoto lens, here's what Super Res Zoom is capable of:

The camera's HDR+ will now appear through the viewfinder live, rather than after processing.

The new Dual Exposure controls will let you independently toggle the highlights and shadows in a shot:

Google says Portrait mode will now work farther away and for larger objects (and is improving on hair):

Night Sight is also getting some improvements -- including astrophotography. Astrophotography will apparently capture 4 minutes worth of exposure data in a single shutter press.

Here's a rundown of the new features:

Google now has photographer Annie Leibovitz on stage to talk about a project she did with a Google Pixel camera. The Q&A is a bit stilted, but the shots look good:

That's all, folks!

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