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We're currently in the new Golden Age of Television, and it's not just the content that's gold — the production budgets of TV shows has also skyrocketed, making the age of Peak TV also the age of High-Budgeted Television.

But just how high are the budgets of TV shows in the US right now? Using data from production news sources and film commission progress reports, finance site On Stride has put together a graph that charts recent TV shows with the highest production costs per episode.

According to On Stride, the US shows with the highest production budgets per episode are both HBO shows: "Game of Thrones" and "Big Little Lies." Both shows cost $15 million per episode to make, which isn't surprising, given that the former show is known for its scale and epic battle scenes and the latter boasts an A-list cast (which in its second season included Meryl Streep):

It should be noted that the production cost per episode listed in the chart above isn't an average of the production budget of the entire series, but an average of the production costs of the show's most recent season (or at least the latest season which has available data on production budgets). "Game of Thrones," for instance, only saw its budget balloon to $15 million in its final season, and the production budget per episode jumped from $6 million in Season 1 to $8 million in Season 2 for Netflix's "Stranger Things."

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