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2019 has been a somewhat strange year for IPOs, with WeWork halting its IPO offering and high-profile companies like Uber and Lyft seeing their valuation plummet in recent months. So here's the question: if you had invested $100 worth of stock in some of these 2019 IPOs in the beginning, how much would your shares be worth now?

According to this chart by chartrdaily, you'd probably be a little disappointed if you invested $100 in Uber and Lyft, as both companies are currently trading well below their initial public offering prices. You'd fare slightly better with Slack, but the real winner here is Zoom, which is shaping up to be the most valuable tech IPO of the year, considering that its stock has more than doubled since its IPO.

As chartrdaily points out, one of the factors that differentiates Zoom from the other companies is that the company is actually profitable — an important distinction, as investors are now paying more attention to the profitability of these unicorn companies rather than just the hype that surrounds them.

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2019 has been a pretty busy year for companies debuting on the stock market with an IPO. But not all IPOs are created equal, and some of the more hotly anticipated ones have disappointed. – If you were big on ride-hailing and bought shares in Uber & Lyft then you've probably not enjoyed the last few months; $100 worth of Uber stock bought in their IPO is now worth just $67. Lyft has fared even worse. – It's not all been doom and gloom though. There have been some major successes. Video conferencing software company Zoom has been zooming up as others have been falling behind. In fact, if you'd bought shares in Zoom in their IPO you'd have already doubled your money. – So why is Zoom doing so well? – Well, Zoom is different to the other companies on this chart in one specific way. Zoom actually makes money and is profitable. For the last decade some of the most valuable companies have been burning through cash during an "investment phase". This summer the market seems to have lost some of its patience. It's no longer willing to wait to see those profits, it wants them today. 💰 – This chart was in our newsletter last week, but not all of our charts make it to Instagram. To make sure you never miss one, hit the link in our bio and sign up today. It's absolutely 100% free, and we don't use your email address for anything other than sending our newsletters.

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