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For many Americans, where they shop for groceries forms part of their cultural identity. According to Eater's Jaya Saxena, Rochester-based supermarket chain Wegmans has a legion of superfans that will drive up to 40 miles just to shop at one. Alec Baldwin's mother loves the grocery store so much she won't ever leave upstate New York. And other states around the country have a similar fanatical zeal for their beloved supermarkets.

According to a map provided by Instagrammer maps_de_us, using data that Business Insider gleaned from Foursquare, a data viz wizard created a map of the most visited supermarkets by state. As the map demonstrates, the south is dominated by Publix, while Kroger has a considerable stranglehold on the Midwest. Safeway, meanwhile, takes over the Pacific Northwest: 


[Via Instagram]

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We don't really need a reminder of just how bad smoking is for us. Bad for our physical health, the environment, and cringe-worthy on so many social justice levels. Why is it then, that women always looked so damn cool smoking their cigarettes in vintage photographs?

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