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Peloton ads have a storied history of being so over-the-top that they're unintentionally hilarious — and unfortunately for the exercise startup company, its latest ad, "The Gift of Peloton," does very little to help the case that the company's advertising is anything but bonkers.

Watch the ad here:

We have so many questions here: why is the woman in the commercial so nervous about getting on a Peloton bike in the first place? And why oh why did the commercial have her film video clips of herself exercising and then make the creative decision of having her and her family watch those clips… on TV? We're very confused here, but don't get us wrong, we're also thoroughly enthralled by the sheer incomprehensibility of it all.

Update: The bad ad has now gotten the suitably deranged parody it deserves:

[Via Twitter]

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