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I know Americans are stereotypically all about the java, but a nice cuppa as the weather cools is a ritual and a delight. This sleek two-in-one tea maker boils water in the 1.7 liter kettle at the bottom. Once the water is ready, the infuser-enabled tea pot perched up top splits off from the unit so you can add tea leaves and pour in water for a quick pot of loose leaf.

Details like a dishwasher-safe stainless steel infuser, water-level window, automatic boil shut-off and dry pot shut-off give the Saki Tea Maker user-friendly convenience. And tea is all about being friendly.

Even if you don’t need to infuse your loose leaf genmaicha, as a stand-alone kettle the Saki Tea Maker will keep the water at just the right temp, and its large capacity means you can brew yourself about nine (six-ounce) cups of Twinings Lady Grey before you need to refill. And let’s not forget hot water’s other handy use: ramen.


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