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Whether you’re looking for a secondary screen for a side room or simply hate spending big on entertainment, you can still get a pretty decent TV set without too much money. Today, we’re highlighting five nice low-cost televisions for all the bedrooms, dens and dorms out there.

32-Inch TCL 32S327 1080p Smart TV

If you’re in a small room, you don’t need a massive television. Dorms, tiny bedrooms and the like are perfectly workable with a 32-inch set. And since this TCL model is priced so low, you’ll get your money’s worth with even occasional use.


32-Inch Vizio D32x-D1 D-Series 1080p LED-Lit Smart TV

This Vizio model is another 32-inch HDTV that’s a good fit as a dirt-cheap second screen. It includes access to loads of streaming apps right out of the gate, and the full-array LED lighting makes for a more consistent image.


40-Inch Sceptre X415BV-FSR 1080p LED-Lit TV

Stepping up to a slightly larger screen, this 40-inch Sceptre is extremely affordable, and it’s quite well-liked on Amazon reviews. It’s not a Smart TV, but it has three HDMI ports and MHL for watching videos from other devices.


43-Inch TCL 43S425 4K Ultra HD Smart TV With Roku Functionality

If you really have your heart set on a 4K TV, but money is tight, here’s your solution. It’s not going to be as eye-poppingly beautiful as a $2,000 OLED set, but it’s still an incredible value.


50-Inch Samsung 4K Ultra HD 7 Series Smart TV With Alexa

Considering the size of the screen, this 4K TV is a steal. If you’re in a medium-sized living room, a 50-inch set should work out just fine. Even better, it integrates well with both Alexa and Google Assistant.


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