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Shopping for a fitness fanatic? Now that's a heavy lift! Help your friends and family stay healthy with these superb exercise accessories.

UrbnFit Exercise Ball

An exercise ball can help with balance, core strength and low-impact recovery. It's an inexpensive tool that everyone should have access to.


TRX Tactical With 12-week Conditioning Program

Keeping up with a workout routine while traveling is tough, but it can be done. This lightweight and portable exercise equipment packs up neatly, and can easily be set up in the hotel or guest room.


Ring Fit Adventure (Nintendo Switch)

Nintendo has finally answered the age old question "What if pilates was a video game?" Ring Fit Adventure helps make exercise much more entertaining for those of us with a Nintendo Switch.


RAD Roller All-In Kit

After a particularly intense workout, a massage can make things feel a lot better. And with this roller kit, your loved one will be able to work on a tense muscle group anytime they want.


Fitbit Inspire HR

Track steps, monitor heart rate and keep an eye on sleep patterns with this simple fitness tracker


Buddy Lee Jump Rope

This jump rope won't make the physical act of jumping any easier, but the low-drag and anti-tangle design will make this specific exercise much less frustrating.


Bowflex SelectTech 552 Adjustable Dumbbells

This is effectively a full set of dumbbells in a single compact set. Easily go from five pounds all the way up to 52.5 pounds with the handy dial.


Training Mat

A nice mat makes floor exercises better in every way. Not only do they provide cushion, but the additional traction makes for safer workouts.


Folding Treadmill

Not only is this a well-reviewed treadmill with a reasonable asking price, but the fold-up design makes this much more workable in apartments and small houses.


Schwinn Recumbent Bike

Burn some serious calories without leaving your home. And since it syncs with fitness apps over Bluetooth, it's easy to track everything.


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