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Have a lot of friends and family to shop for? Check out these affordable gifts that don't skimp one bit on quality.

Black Truffle Infused Hot Sauce

Know someone who eats hot sauce on everything? This truffle-laced hot sauce from Truff is a little something off the beaten path.


Scratch-Off World Map Poster And Deluxe United States Map

Have a world traveler in your friend group? These scratch-off maps are a beautiful way for them to visualize their trips.


Old Fashioned Carry On Cocktail Kit

Who doesn't like a nice cocktail in the air? Give this kit to your loved one, and their next mid-flight drink will be the best they've ever had.


Bullet Space Pen

Space pen! Space pen! Space pen! This Fisher pen is the same design that NASA astronauts have relied on for decades. With this little pen, you're stashing a little bit of history in their stockings this year.


40 Assorted Flavored Coffee Pods

Every morning, the first cup of coffee will remind your loved ones that you care. If they have a K Cup brewer, this variety pack is a no-brainer.


Aduro Smartphone Grip/Stand

Everybody knows that one person who keeps dropping their iPhone, right? Give 'em this handy grip, and it'll definitely stay put.


Grow Your Own Christmas Tree

No, they won't be able to hang ornaments on it right away, but there's something very exciting about knowing that your gift will be seen and enjoyed for years to come.


Holtzman's Credit Card Knife

This is a pocket knife that's been entirely rethought. It folds up neatly, and can be stashed in any ol' wallet.


Easy-Fill Wide-Mouth Flask

Flasks are always useful — especially if you're shopping for an outdoor person. Stash a little bit of booze in this flask, and the eggnog will get a whole lot better.



Know any board game enthusiasts? "Codenames" is a lovely game for big groups, and the price tag makes it even sweeter.


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