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What you do online is your business, and yours alone. Keep government mass surveillance, coffee shop busybodies and online conglomerates out of your hair with these handy tools.


It's always useful to have a VPN handy. It's not just for public WiFi — masking your IP can be handy in countless situations, and it's an excellent way to protect yourself from less than ethical ISPs and governments.

The likes of PCMag, CNet, and TechRadar all recommend NordVPN very highly, so you know you're getting a high-quality VPN here.



Security and privacy are intertwined deeply, so good password hygiene is vital to keeping your data legitimately private. However, maintaining complex unique passwords for every single site isn't something most people are able to handle in their heads. That's why we need password managers.

While there are many high quality password managers that will generate, store and fill in your passwords for you, we're particularly fond of 1Password. Wirecutter, CNet and PCMag think it's pretty good as well.



Maybe, just maybe, a giant advertising conglomerate isn't the best place to keep all of your sensitive emails. If you're looking for a provider that takes its customers' privacy very seriously, ProtonMail has both free and paid tiers available.

Both Lifewire and TechRadar have some qualms with the user experience, but it's undoubtedly a great solution for those who want a straightforward solution for truly private email.

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Privacy Badger

The Electronic Frontier Foundation has been an important force for digital rights for nearly three decades now. They fight on countless fronts, but the Privacy Badger plug-in is something that can have a privacy impact right this moment.

Once installed, the background snooping that proliferates the web will be kneecapped. It's far from perfect protection, but you'll be taking a big step toward blinding trackers to your behavior.


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