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The tangible image is a gratifying thing. Pics on Instagram, Snapchat, and every other app on your phone are meant to flit past the viewer with the briefest of pauses for a heart and a like before the next image takes its place. But an image in your hand, fixed, uneditable, offline is substantially real. Polaroid was at the forefront of instant gratification with their white-bordered pictures that flooded the 60s and 70s with lo-fi magic. Now Polaroid is offering a new way to get your hands on something photographic with the Polaroid Mint Instant Print Camera.

The big difference here is the lack of ink or toner. When you load your camera (with up to ten prints at a time) the paper is all you need. Heat-activated color crystals are embedded in each sheet for inkless-print photos that roll out of the photo slot in under a minute. The Mint will print 40 photos on a single charge and has three color modes along with the option to print the classic Polaroid frame or not, all of which are controlled by analog buttons on the side of the camera. The water-resistant, tear-resistant prints are small (two inches by three inches) with a sticky back so you can slap tangible pics anywhere you please.


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