This Reddit Advice Thread About A Guy Asking His Neighbor To Cook For Him Is…Yikes

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In life, sometimes people don't always see eye-to-eye. Sometimes, in conflict, feelings are hurt on both sides, and it's hard to tell who's in the wrong. Sometimes, when a stranger in your apartment building approaches you and asks that you bring him home-cooked meals every night — nope, wait, that one's pretty clear-cut.

But please enjoy — if that's the right word for it — this mildly outrageous and deeply exhausting post on Reddit's cursed sub r/AmITheAsshole and see for yourself. On the one hand, OP offered "Katie," whose name isn't Katie, an outrageously low sum of money to give some of her food to a total stranger and creeped her out by asking multiple times. On the other hand, she made him "feel like a big jerk." You decide!

OP also provided some more key information in responses to some of the commenters:

As utterly un-self-aware as he seems to be, OP did later offer a positive update:

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