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We thought we were done with the Cybertruck. We'd seen everything there was to see, read all the jokes there were to be made, and assumed it had been towed back to the Cybertruck bodyshop for window repair and a general makeover. We thought, on the whole, that it was very ugly, and we didn't much care for it.

But this Cybertruck? Made of mashed potatoes? As Keats says, beauty is truth, and the truth is that the mashed potato Cybertruck is beautiful.

Go follow this artistic genius on Instagram, where apparently he makes potatomages (that's potato homages) every Thanksgiving.

An icon.

[Via Twitter]

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Did my mother ruin Martha Stewart's marriage?" Now I needed to know. After all, I'd used the line often enough at cocktail parties down the years, when people still had cocktail parties: "My mother ruined Martha Stewart's marriage."

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