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Which internet browsers do most people use to surf the World Wide Web? To get connected, we all need a "client to contact the web server and request information" — and over the past 23 years, we've used a vast assortment of them. Redditor interestingasphuk aggregated statistics from OneStat, TheCounter, W3Counter, StatCounter and created a nifty racing bar graph that shows the percentage of internet users using various web browsers from 1996 to 2019. As the infographic shows, for a long while, Internet Explorer ruled the web but as time went on, they relinquished their crown to Chrome. Watch the usage share change over time below:

[Via Reddit]

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We don't really need a reminder of just how bad smoking is for us. Bad for our physical health, the environment, and cringe-worthy on so many social justice levels. Why is it then, that women always looked so damn cool smoking their cigarettes in vintage photographs?

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