The Highlights From Friday's Explosive Public Impeachment Hearing

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On Friday, former United States Ambassador to Ukraine Marie L. Yovanovitch testified before the House Intelligence Committee in the impeachment inquiry. Digg has you covered with all of the highlights.

Yovanovitch Warns Of A 'Crisis' In The State Department

Yovanovitch Said She Felt Threatened By Trump

Trump Attacks Yovanovitch On Twitter And She's Asked To Respond In Real Time

In what some were calling an unprecedented moment, President Donald Trump attacked Yovanovitch in the middle of the hearing and Adam Schiff asked her if she'd like to respond.

Observers — including several Fox News anchors and commentators — noted that the Trump's tweet and Yovanovitch's response were a bad moment for the president:

Ken Starr, who led the Clinton impeachment but has heavily criticized the Trump impeachment inquiry, saw things similarly:

Fox News Producer Says Witness Intimidation Isn't In The Constitution

Rep. Elise Stefanik Tussles With Chairman Schiff Over Questioning Yovanovitch

Rep. Stefanik Uses Her Time To Read Headlines About The Whistleblower

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