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From a SpaceX rocket exhaust plume captured above the Sierra Nevada mountains to images of deserts and the Badlands, here are some of the most gorgeous photos from the 2019 International Landscape Photographer of the Year contest.

Russian photographer Oleg Ershov was chosen as the Photographer of the Year with his incredible images of England and Scotland:

Oleg Ershov
Oleg Ershov
Oleg Ershov

In second place for Photographer of the Year is Chinese photographer Yang Guang. You can see his photos capturing the majestic of deserts here:

Yang Guang
Yang Guang

Ricardo Da Cunha's photograph won the Wildlife in Landscape Award:

Ricardo Da Cunha

And Australian photographer Ignacio Palacios won the Abstract Aerial Award:

Ignacio Palacios

For the Lone Tree Award, photographer Anke Butawitsch won with this amazing photo of a tree in Madeira, Portugal.

Anke Butawitsch

And photographer Brandon Yoshizawa got this incredible shot of a SpaceX exhaust flume lingering above the landscape of the Sierra Nevada mountains in California.

Brandon Yoshizawa

And here are some other beautiful landscape photos for you to sit back, relax and enjoy. We really think each of them stuck the landing.

Magali Chesnel
Sander Grefte
Peter Adam Hoszang
Ignacio Palacios
Stas Bartnika
David Swindler
Craig McGowan

[Via The Atlantic]

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