How Three Senior Citizens Ended Up In A Love Triangle, And More Best Photography Of The Week

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​​Every week, we curate the best new photography and photojournalism on the web, so you can spend your weekend kicking back and enjoying some beautiful pictures. Here are this week's picks:

These Intimate Photos Show How Three Senior Citizens Ended Up In A Love Triangle

As so many things in life, the way Jeanie, Adina and Will came together is a little complicated. As Kosofsky explains in an afterword to the book, Will was already in a relationship with Adina when he first met Jeanie. He had been living with Adina but was kicked out of her apartment in a retirement home after the authorities found out they were living together. So he moved to another retirement home, where he met Jeanie.

[See the photos at The Washington Post]

The Wild, Costumed Motorbike Taxi Drivers In Nairobi

Imagine calling for a ride on a busy day and a furious bike emerges leaving a veil of dust behind as if you are in a real-life scene from Mad Max. Sounds like a dream? Well, not if you order an African-style uber boda boda. This urban means of transportation relates to motorcycle taxi riders commonly found in East Africa. They are believed to operate hundreds of thousands of boda bodas in Kenya alone providing quick and inexpensive transportation. There are so many of them that some drivers take their vehicles to the next level by customizing them in order to stand out in the busy streets and attract more customers.

[See the photos at Bored Panda]

Life Under London Heathrow's Flight Path

"When you're about to land on a flight, I always look out the window and wonder what it must be like for the residents who live so close to the airport," Bertie tells It's Nice That. "I did a little research and found out that Myrtle avenue by Heathrow is just one hundred metres away from the southern runway, planes literally fly as low as forty feet above the houses."

[See the photos at It's Nice That]

The World's Fanciest And Weirdest Hand Dryers

Who knew that something so ordinary and instantly forgettable could offer such an interesting insight into some of the fanciest, grubbiest and weirdest washrooms. These evocative photographs, taken everywhere from Ukraine to Los Angeles, showcase the variety of design, and relationship to the environment. Some ooze nightclub sex appeal and dazzle; some a clinical sleekness; others a work-horse charm. The stories they could tell.

[See the photos at Creative Boom]

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