Inside The Culture Of Civil War Reenactors, And More Best Photography Of The Week

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​​Every week, we curate the best new photography and photojournalism on the web, so you can spend your weekend kicking back and enjoying some beautiful pictures. Here are this week's picks:

The Meditative Swimming Pools Of The Southwest

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Explaining her work, she says, "I came to learn that the presence of a pool was a distraction from how impermanent things actually were. Underneath, there loomed an impending sense that everything could be lost... Yet the pool was always seductive. There was a comfort in the stillness of its waters, albeit a calm that couldn't be trusted. Now, I look at pools as windows into my past, and insights into my present." 

[See the photos at Plain Magazine]

Breathtaking Photos Of Farmers Harvesting Lilies From The Mekong Delta

Each autumn, Vietnam's Mekong Delta is filled with beautiful, long-stemmed lilies that are the result of flooding that nourishes the waterway. From early-September to mid-November, farmers in the Long An province spend their days harvesting these delicate flowers. It's an incredible spectacle to see and, luckily, photographer Trung Huy Pham used his skill to capture stunning aerial photographs of the scene.

[See the photos at My Modern Met]

Tribes Of The Amazon: Inside The Struggle Of The Yanomami

In 1971, photographer Claudia Andujar began photographing the Yanomami - an Amer-Indian tribe living on the border of Brazil and Venezuela. In the years that followed, their existence came under serious threat.

[See the photos at Huck Magazine]

This Photographer's Photos Explore The Culture Of Civil War Reenactors

Right now, the country is embroiled in confronting extraordinarily painful memories. People have taken to the streets to protest police violence and systemic racism. To see a series on people reenacting moments from the Civil War, even though people have done so for a very long time, is jarring. Confederate monuments are being toppled nationwide, and people and institutions are being held to account. A powerful struggle is definitely taking place in the United States.

[See the photos at The Washington Post]

Swimming With Sea Lions

I visited the area on one of my first underwater assignments, after years spent covering war, politics and sports. Diving there was a transformational experience. Alone, floating in the open water, I found peace among these playful animals, sometimes referred to as "dogs of the sea."

[See the photos at The New York Times]

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