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What are the most popular vehicles in America by state?

In 2019, 17 million new vehicles were sold across the country and thanks to lower fuel costs, Americans are preferring to purchase trucks and SUVs over gas-sipping sedans. But when it comes to the single highest-selling car model in each state, sedans are still in top, topping the list in 47 states according to this visualization from personal finance site HowMuch.

HowMuch divvied up the data contained in insurance company comparison site Insurify's report of the most popular cars by state, included the average monthly auto payment of that state and created a map of America's vehicle preferences. See the full-sized image here:

What are the most popular vehicles in each state in America?

Some key take aways from this map are that the Honda Accord is the top selling car in 13 states, while in the 3 states where a sedan model was not the most popular the Ford Explorer claimed the title.

[Read more at HowMuch]

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Long before we got this funny idea that maps had to be truthful, before Edney's ideal of cartography took hold, maps were full of conjectures, rumors, mistakes in surveying and even some outright frauds.

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