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ยท Updated:

The coronavirus pandemic has put a serious strain on relationships across the United States, a fact dramatically illustrated by the many celebrity splits over the spring and summer. (Say it ain't so, Olivier Sarkozy and Mary-Kate Olsen! True love is dead!)

According to data collected by Legal Templates, a firm that provides legal documents on the web, there has been a "34% increase in sales of their divorce agreement compared to the same period in 2019."

Legal Templates found that interest in divorce peaked on April 13 — approximately three weeks into quarantine for most states.

Courtesy of Legal Templates

Newlyweds and couples married within the last five years were the most likely to pursue divorce online.

Courtesy of Legal Templates

Couples located in southern states were more likely to seek a divorce.

Courtesy of Legal Templates

Legal Templates also found that nearly half of couples pursuing a divorce had children under 18.

Courtesy of Legal Templates

[Read more about the report at Legal Templates]

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