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It's not every day that artworks inspire an equal degree of admiration and revulsion within us at the same time, but Swedish artist Daniel Björk's vaguely NSFW work manages to walk that delicate balance scarily well.

Using 80s and 90s pop culture as a fount of inspiration, Björk's creations are unholy mashups of childhood nostalgia and horror remakings, ranging from works that transform Jiminy Cricket into Freddy Krueger to an image of Christopher Robin feasting on the insides of Winnie the Pooh that we can, unfortunately, never erase from our brains.

They are genius. They are terrifying. They are matches made in hell. Oh, and please enjoy them. But consider yourself warned.

[Via Boing Boing]

Pang-Chieh Ho is an editor at Digg.

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