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If you remember, a few weeks ago, Instagram user Matt Shirley asked his 300,000 followers to vote on which state their home state disliked the most. The result was this hilarious map, which shows every state's least favorite state.

And now Shirley has followed up with another map, this time mapping the favorite state of each state other than themselves.

Some interesting findings: whereas in the "Every State's Least Favorite State" map, a lot of neighboring states held grievances towards each other, you can see in many cases in the "Every State's Favorite Other State" map, people also voted their neighboring states to be their favorite state. Residents of Nevada and Arizona, for example, both voted California as their favorite state, and many of the states adjacent to Colorado, such as Kansas and Utah, seem to love the Centennial State.

Amusingly, New Jersey is marked here as liking no states at all (appropriate). And while Minnesota's neighbors, Wisconsin, Iowa and North and South Dakota, voted Minnesota to be their favorite, residents of Minnesota opted for an entirely different direction by electing Canada, their northern neighbor, as their favorite "American state."

[Via Instagram]

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