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The world right now is, across the board, a really choice combination of horrible, unbearable and absurd. At the very center of this Venn diagram sits the internet. We are living so many more facets of our lives online now, and for the majority of us, it is not a good look. In the age of quarantine, every post is a small, weak cry for help.

Yet something about being trapped inside and online also heightens everything: the weird things are weirder, the funny things are funnier and the absurd things become so much more wonderfully absurd. And nothing exemplifies this more than this truly unhinged "Gossip Girl" meme that came out of nowhere and makes not even a little bit of sense, but has given us a reason to log on yet another day.

The format is simple — Blake Lively's Serena says something random, and Leighton Meester's Blair responds with an appropriate reshuffle of the letters on "Gossip Girl":

Who started doing this? What is broken inside of them? We will never know and we do not care. Let's just chase the joy this meme brings.

It's 2020's version of the classic "S[he] Be[lie]ve[d]" meme, and we love it dearly.

Molly Bradley is an editor at Digg.

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John Hersey's article titled simply "Hiroshima," which comprised the entire feature space in the August 31, 1946, issue of The New Yorker, has been called by many the greatest, or at least the most important, journalistic achievement of the past century.

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