Guy Paints Himself Painting Himself Over And Over, Dominates Reddit's Front Page

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Seamus Wray found a way to crack Reddit's elusive code this week with a series of self-portraits that tackled the concept of infinity.

Wray first posted a simple self-portrait on the social bookmarking site on July 17, which thrilled the community, and earned over 100,000 upvotes.

Commenters cheered on the artist to do more. "Now paint yourself painting this photo," said Redditor endgamespoilers123.

Wray willingly obliged, which sparked a mise en abyme rabbit hole into infinity. His Inception-style artwork dominated the front page of Reddit all week.

Wray told Digg he was blown away by the reception he received on Reddit.

"I feel deeply humbled by the outpouring of love and attention from people from around around the world, it was truly unexpected," Wray said in an email.

"Reddit is a welcoming gallery for artworks and artists. Most of my paintings can be found there in a variety of subreddits designated for different subject matters. Each painting can take anywhere from one and a half hours all the way up to two weeks to create full-time. Most of the paintings take around 4-6 hours to complete."

Wray said he knew someone would like the paintings, but "certainly did not expect so many to adore them so much."

"Now, I have almost too many messages to answer on social media," he added. "But I'm trying to respond to all of them."

You can follow Seamus Wray on Instagram, Threadless and Reddit.

James Crugnale is an associate editor at

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