This Tech CEO's Job Ad For A 'Household Manager / Cook / Nanny' Is Exacting To The Degree Of Bonkers

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Are you living in the Menlo Park area and looking for work? Do you have a university degree, "higher emotional intelligence" and the ability to "correctly quantify how much fish to purchase for five people"?

Do you also know how to ski, how to "lead, supervise and support members of the household staff who have varying degrees of education, experience and maturity" and how to use vegan cream cheese in blended soups?

If so, you might be qualified for this truly wild job listing for a "Household Manager/Cook/Nanny" in a tech CEO's Menlo Park, California home.

Author Kimberly Harrington shared screenshots of the job post on Twitter on Tuesday, and it's really difficult to pick out the best (worst?) parts:

It's tough to nail down the most out-there requirement on here — there's so much to pick from:

  • "Has room in their heart to love the kids and the mom; has a high capacity to be loved deeply by them"
  • "Can read articles about eating beef and increases in breast cancer and can understand this information at a summary level, i.e., beef is bad, fish and vegetables are good"
  • "Can build alliances with other kids' parents and nannies"
  • "Can influence the children positively in many areas including self-soothing, self-discipline, organization, conflict resolution, perseverance"
  • "Strategically think through vacation options based on the developmental levels of the kids and the need for the mom to relax. Conduct research into domestic and global vacation options based on criteria, populate information into a simple Excel spreadsheet, recommend and book vacations, track vacation expenses in Excel including track vacation home deposits getting returned"

On the plus side, if you do find yourself qualified and with, somehow, enough energy to do this job, you'll at least get a "high salary and full benefits":

Hopefully, those benefits include some vacation days.

[The Calendar Group via Twitter]

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