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Lou Bega's 1999 pop hit "Mambo No. 5" names nine different women by name. This sparked the curiosity of visual artist Zach Bowders who wondered if you looked at the data, what would be the common birth year associated with each of the names of these women.

After scouring through baby name data and comparing their relative popularity over time, Bowder found each of these names had very wide age ranges. Bowder notes that "ages are estimated off the year with the most births by name. This does not imply that the musician is singing about elderly or underage women." See the full-sized chart below:

And now that you're probably in the mood… ladies and gentlemen, this is "Mambo No. 5":

[Via Reddit]

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Long before we got this funny idea that maps had to be truthful, before Edney's ideal of cartography took hold, maps were full of conjectures, rumors, mistakes in surveying and even some outright frauds.

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