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India's Disappearing Islands, And More Best Photography Of The Week

· Updated:

​​Every week, we curate the best new photography and photojournalism on the web, so you can spend your weekend kicking back and enjoying some beautiful pictures. Here are this week's picks:

Somewhere In Finland, A Village Dies While A River Continues To Thrive

In central Finland, there is a small village, Yli-li, nestled against a river called Iijoki that is succumbing to the realities of life, like so many other places. It is a place that captured the interest of Finnish photographer Janne Korkko, who took pictures of the village and the river, compiling a lyrical and wistful portrait of a place trying to resist life's inevitable entropy.

[See the photos at The Washington Post]

Photographing Abandoned Places In Russia

Outstanding abandoned places in Russia by Alexei Polyakov, a gifted self-taught photographer, and urbex explorer from Saint Petersburg. Alexei focuses mainly on abandoned, landscape, and drone photography. 

[See the photos at Photogrist]

Ferry Tales

Far removed from the ultra-fast Shinkansens and myriad of metro lines that dominate Japan's major cities, photographer Arnaud Montagard focuses his lens on a much more leisurely commute - Japan's ferries. As an archipelago consisting of thousands of islands, the ferries are still an essential way for locals to get around in other parts of Japan. The series Ferry Tales focuses on commuters taking this vintage mode of transport inspired by the American society.

[See the photos at Plain]

Documenting Life On India's Disappearing Islands

Driven by memories of his own experience, Sushavan Nandy's project shows the disruptive effects of climate change and flooding on individual lives

[See the photos at British Journal of Photography]

Surreal Shots Of Sex, Death And Mysticism In Mexico

"I wanted the work to stay true to a Mexican aesthetic and make pictures that have an original and authentic voice," Hugo says. Drawing upon the understanding that tragedy is a pervasive fact of life, Hugo embraces the anarchic and surreal sides of Mexican life. 

[See the photos at Huck Magazine]

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