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ยท Updated:

If you're looking for housing in the Bay Area, you're in luck: there is a palatial estate renting out rooms… to anyone who wants to live with 16+ other roommates.

We followed the information from this tweet by @negroprogrammer and located the original Facebook post above, along with a ton more photos of the house. Some of them are what you'd expect — and others are surprising.

The place looks spectacular from the outside, and its common rooms are absurdly grand:

But the bedrooms are another story. For all the grandeur and elegance of the sweeping staircases and soaring halls of the building, the bedrooms are shockingly ugly.

Bland carpeting? Dingy closets? And what on earth is this striped paintjob?

The photos don't feature all 15 bedrooms in the place (the three available in the listing, plus the 12 rented rooms), so maybe there are some gems among the rooms that are already occupied. But of the rooms featured in the set of photos attached to the Facebook post, the only passable one is this sort of cute little attic loft:

For the money you'd pay to live here, you're getting a great deal on shared common areas, but not so much for the room itself. To be fair, though, you could probably commandeer one of the main rooms and fully live there without your roommates being any the wiser. I mean, the place is huge. Though let's not forget, you're sharing this space with 16 other people.

If you're actually interested and end up getting in touch with the poster, please let us know — we're coming to visit.

[Via Twitter]

Molly Bradley is an editor at Digg.

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