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There's a general consensus that most PG-13 movies only allow for the F-word to appear once (although there are exceptions), and that more than one "fuck" — especially when used in a sexual context — will land that movie an R rating.

And then, of course, there are movies that have gone so far beyond the one–F-word rule that they are almost gleefully flaunting how many times they drop the F-bomb in their films. You could say that these are the movies that really give zero fucks when it comes to the MPAA's approach to cuss words.

To get a better idea of which movies are in the pantheon of potty mouths, Instagram account @Stastistics_Data_Facts put together this chart that shows the movies that have used the most F-words using data from IMDb:

Funnily enough, not one but two Martin Scorsese's movies show up on the chart: "The Wolf of Wall Street" leads the pack with an astounding 569 uses of the word, while "Casino" is in fourth place with 422. It should be noted that the exact number of F-word usage in "The Wolf of Wall Street" is subject to debate — some say the number is closer to 506, while others say it's definitely in the ballpark of 500 and surpasses the previous record held by Spike Lee's "Summer of Sam." Guess Scorsese really got the last word in this competition and that last word is — you guessed it — "fuck."

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