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From a prolonged global recession to an IT breakdown, here's what 347 risk analysts believe might likely happen in the next 18 months due to the effects of COVID-19. Using data from a World Economic Forum survey, finance site Visual Capitalist put together this infographic that shows the percentage of experts who believe risks such as geopolitical troubles or economic collapses are likely going to happen in a post-COVID world.

Of the different risks tied to the effects of COVID-19, 68.6% of the experts believe that a prolonged global recession is likely to happen in the next year and a half. 49.3% of experts believe that high levels of unemployment will persist, and even more worryingly, 30.8% believe another outbreak of COVID-19 is likely to happen in the next 18 months, despite countries' efforts to curb the disease's spread.

[Read more at Visual Capitalist]

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