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The economic downturn sparked by the coronavirus pandemic has hit the startup tech sector in the United States particularly hard. With an estimated 61,357 startup jobs that have been lost over the past three months, it's a good time to take a look at which companies have been impacted the worst.

Visual Capitalist's Dorothy Neufeld scoured through data made available from and produced an infographic that visualizes the scale of lay-offs across the startup world.

The hardest-hit startup company? Uber, which has cut 6,700 employees since March, with the decline in people relying on ridesharing apps and staying home.

Airbnb has also fallen on hard times, with 1,900 jobs lost, as bookings have dried up. Neufeld found that the company is expected to have a $2.4B revenue shortfall this year.

[Read more at Visual Capitalist]

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