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Tesla shares topped $900 on Tuesday, and with the company's most recent earnings report greatly surpassing expectations, it's gaining on the heels of Toyota as the world's most valuable carmaker.

Since Elon Musk's electric car upstart went public in 2010, how has it fared against the other major automakers? The data visualization whizzes over at personal finance site looked at the numbers and charted a graph of Tesla's market cap performance in comparison with other carmakers. See the full sized-graph here.

Some key takeaways from's chart is that Toyota — with $202 billion — has the world's largest market cap, Tesla has grown from $2.64 billion to $101.81 billion, and American automaker Ford's market share has fared the worst of the major car manufacturers — shrinking by more than half since 2000.

Here are the top five automaker's market cap, as of 2020:

1. Toyota: $202 billion
2. Tesla: $102 billion
3. Volkswagen: $96 billion  
4. Daimler: $51 billion
5. General Motors: $49 billion

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