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As income inequality in the United States reached the highest it's ever been recorded, some billionaires continued to laugh their way all the way to the bank. Case in point, Mark Zuckerberg, despite all of Facebook's woes and earning the wrath of Sacha Baron Cohen, saw his net worth grow over $22 billion.

Jeff Bezos, on the other hand, lost over $13 billion (although when you consider his very expensive divorce settlement he still had a pretty good year). Nevertheless, he's still the richest person in the world.

The data visualization wizards over at personal finance site crunched the numbers and put together a chart of 2019's biggest winners and losers. The biggest gainer? France's Bernard Arnault, who saw his net worth skyrocket by roughly $40 billion in 2019. See the full-sized image here.

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Long before we got this funny idea that maps had to be truthful, before Edney's ideal of cartography took hold, maps were full of conjectures, rumors, mistakes in surveying and even some outright frauds.

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