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If you had to visualize the world's wealth, who would have the biggest piece of the pie?

Put all together, according to the annual global wealth report released by Credit Suisse, the world has a total combined wealth of $360 trillion.

The visualization gurus at personal finance site, after scouring through Credit Suisse's data, created a pie graph that demonstrates how that wealth is all divvied up among the nations on Earth. Unsurprisingly, with a massive horde of $105.99 trillion, the United States controls the most, managing 30 percent of the entire world's wealth. China is a distant second with a net worth of $63.83 trillion. Germany is the richest country in Europe with a net worth of $14.66 trillion. See the full-sized image here.

While Asian countries combined to make up 39 percent of the world's total wealth or $141.21 trillion, Africa's nations combined for just $4.11 trillion.

Here are the top 5 countries by wealth:

1. United States: $105.99T
2. China: $63.83T
3. Japan: $24.99T
4. Germany: $14.66T
5. United Kingdom: $14.34T

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