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The global video game industry makes bankgrossing an estimated $152 billion in 2019. And just like Hollywood, the video game world has some trusty franchises they can rely on for steady revenue.

The data visualization experts at TitleMax, looking at stats from Wikipedia, crunched the numbers and charted out which franchises have been the most lucrative for the gaming industry and created a chart of the top 50. See the full-sized image here.

Some of the most interesting takeaways from TitleMax's infographic is that Nintendo's Pokémon franchise is the undisputed video game sales champ, with an eye-popping haul of $90 billion — much of that earned from merchandising. Nintendo's Mario series comes in second with a formidable haul of $30.25 billion, and "Call Of Duty," the first-person shooter video game franchise, has garnered $17 billion thus far.

[Visual Capitalist via TitleMax]

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