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In a Fox interview, Trump, prompted by Fox News personality Brian Kilmeade, mistakenly identified a statue in his office as Teddy Roosevelt.

According to The Met, the statue is called The Broncho Buster and while a cast of the statue was gifted to Roosevelt and displayed in his house, the statue itself is not meant to be a depiction of the former president but of an unnamed cowboy breaking a wild horse.

Trump's gaffe seems all the more ironic given that in other parts of the interview, he talks about how he believes protestors taking down statues don't understand the history behind the statues.

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John Hersey's article titled simply "Hiroshima," which comprised the entire feature space in the August 31, 1946, issue of The New Yorker, has been called by many the greatest, or at least the most important, journalistic achievement of the past century.

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