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Here at Digg, we try our best to cover the most important and confounding memes that come across the timeline. But the web is littered with tons of great memes that never quite hit the mainstream and instead just bounce around the weird corners of Twitter or Reddit.

Enter our recurring feature, Memes, Ranked. This week, we've got Jonathan Swan's Donald Trump interview reaction, what we're secretly listening to on our headphones, What prevents you from doing this and Reese Witherspoon 2020 mood calendar.

4. What's Preventing You From Doing This?

The meme

A few weeks ago, we covered the "Dear men, what's preventing you from looking like this?" meme, which started with this tweet:

The tweet soon inspired many comical renditions, with people joining in on the fun by asking why men couldn't aspire to dress more like cultural icons or funny, oddball characters.

In the past week, a meme of a very similar vein has sprung up, this time with the caption "What's preventing you from doing this?" The original tweet came from @owenhabel2, which showcased an impressive parkour video of Ed Scott:

That has since led to more comical interpretations of the tweet, with people asking the same question, but with GIFs or images of people doing ridiculous challenges or failing miserably at accomplishing similar physical feats.


BJ Pang-Chieh Ho

3. What I'm Secretly Listening To On My Headphones

The meme

Is there anyone on the Internet that can resist a quick show-off? Not really. French rapper Jnr Slice appeared on a reality TV show "Le Pire Stagiaire" ("The Worst Intern") and his deadpan stare, complete with AirPods, turned into a quick, "this is what I really listen to" moment. Sometimes you're listening to the inner child and sometimes it's a jam that's been on repeat for the entire day, but whatever it is, it's usually a secret earworm you might not want everyone to know you're listening to.


Adwait Patil

2. Reese Witherspoon 2020 Mood Calendar

The meme

Even if you're rich and famous, 2020 has been a dumpster fire of a year.

This week, actress Reese Witherspoon became a guiding light for all us in these challenging times by introducing the months of 2020 mood calendar meme. The actress cobbled together a calendar of screenshots of her various roles demonstrating how haggard 2020 has gradually made her.

Inspired by the "Legally Blonde" star's lead, dozens of other celebrities joined in on the fun, sharing their own custom 2020 calendars, showing how we've all collectively devolved into that horse drawing depicting the quality of "Game Of Thrones" seasons as the year has dragged on.


James Crugnale

1. Jonathan Swan's Donald Trump Interview Reaction

The meme: Hoo boy. In case you missed it, HBO aired an exclusive interview with Donald Trump conducted by Axios's reporter Jonathan Swan earlier this week. It was — how best to put it — a shitshow. Or it was for Trump, anyway. Thanks to Swan's meticulousness, his refusal to let Trump's incessant lies slide by in his convoluted monologues, and his utter lack of poker face, the world got to re-experience Trump the way we used to before we became desensitized to him: as an absolute dolt.

For reference, here's a selection of highlights (lowlights?) from the interview:

Above all else, people were delighted with Swan's spontaneous and completely uncensored reactions — specifically, the impressive array of facial expressions he was able to make to communicate his confusion and consternation. The riffing possibilities are endless.


Praise be to Jonathan Swan, who is, like all of us, absolutely sick of this clown.

Molly Bradley

And if you're hungry for more memes, here's last week's "The Week's Best Memes, Ranked" article, where we rank more movies should end with a Rage against the Machine sing, The Last Great American Dynasty, "I have a joke" and "12-year-old me realizing I'm gay."

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