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The Week's Best Memes, Ranked

Digg · Updated:

Here at Digg, we try our best to cover the most important and confounding memes that come across the timeline. But the web is littered with tons of great memes that never quite hit the mainstream and instead just bounce around the weird corners of Twitter or Reddit.

Enter our recurring feature, Memes, Ranked. This week, we've got "It's our ball," Kimberly Guilfoyle at the Republican National Convention, "I feel like I'm outgrowing Twitter," top seven warning signs in a man's bookshelf and "Mentally I am here."

5. Kimberly Guilfoyle At The RNC

The meme

On Monday, Trump campaign fundraiser Kimberly Guilfoyle, who's also the girlfriend of Donald Trump Jr., closed out the first night of the Republican National Convention with an extremely fired up, extremely pre-recorded speech, immediately securing her place in this week's Memes, Ranked list. "Ladies and gentlemen," she exclaimed with her hands held high, "leaders and fighters for freedom and liberty and the American dream — the best, is yet, to come!"

Assuming she meant the best memes comparing her to various movie and TV villains, we present the following.


Guilfoyle's antics also led to the #GuilfoyleChallenge, which featured people yelling parts of the speech at friends, family, and even strangers.

Jon-Michael Poff

4. Top Seven Warning Signs In A Man's Bookshelf

The meme

Someone spilled some nostalgia for bad times on Twitter, because we are once again arguing about "Infinite Jest," the infamously long novel by David Foster Wallace that, whatever its merits, has become a symbol of the quintessential smart-but-sensitive mansplaining guy in your MFA program (or not in your program, but not because he couldn't get in — he's just cynical about academia and is living in New York City, which is the same as an MFA anyway).

But it's not just "Infinite Jest": this meme has rounded up every book that we associate with problematic dudes and put them all on one bookshelf — the uberdude's bookshelf, the walking red flag's bookshelf — and it looks like this:

If this feels like a too-familiar and frankly tired set of tropes, you're not wrong. Where this kind of tweet might once have gained unilateral support on Twitter a number of years ago, it has lent itself all too readily to gently mocking riffs, which all outshone their prototype.


Look, yes, there are certain things a man might read, or say about what he reads, that betray shoddy character. But, at risk of throwing myself under the bus, lists like this become reductive of both the books themselves and the people who have read them.

Honestly, as long as no one's naming their dog after Hitler's, let's leave these lists behind us.

Molly Bradley

3. It's Our Ball!

The meme

While sitting on the sidelines during last week's NBA playoffs game between the Los Angeles Lakers and Portland Trail Blazers, LeBron James cried foul when he saw the referees give the ball to the wrong team by mistake.

The King quickly went from 0 to 100 and repeatedly exclaimed, "It's our ball!"

The moment was captured by ESPN and immediately thrilled the internet. Soon after, LeBron's outburst became the subject of dozens of witty tweets joking about other moments when you'd demand your ball back.


Even LeBron had to laugh at himself.

James Crugnale

2. I Feel Like I'm Outgrowing Twitter

The meme

On Wednesday, a Twitter user sent out the following innocuous (and since-deleted) thought.

Via Twitter

That's right: in a moment of clarity and conviction — or purely to troll, we can never tell — they sent out 280 characters bemoaning Twitter, on Twitter. They said they had "outgrown" it, were in a happy relationship with their boyfriend and, commenting on the fine lines of living a digital-first life, didn't want to get ridiculed for showing off their success. We haven't seen a lower-hanging premise than this one in the recent past, and fellow Twitter users shared similar growing pains.


Adwait Patil

1. Mentally I Am Here/Mentally Where Are You?

The meme

Months into the pandemic, we're all still physically trapped in the waking nightmare that is 2020. With no end currently in sight, people have gotten creative to depict the states they are in mentally, with one such example being the "Mentally I'm here" meme:

Since last week, people have been expressing where they are mentally, usually with a single image, GIF or video and the caption "Mentally I'm here." The meme was so popular that it soon spawned a new variation, with people challenging each other to convey where they were mentally without downloading any new pictures:

Personally, mentally we're here:

Why, what's wrong? Why do you ask?


BJ Pang-Chieh Ho

And if you're hungry for more memes, here's last week's "The Week's Best Memes, Ranked" article, where we rank sexual tension, "white people love saying," Michelle Obama at the Democratic National Convention, "It's been a long fight" and men vs. women with a time machine.

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