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Where is Iran? Is it off the south coast of Greenland? Is it somewhere in the Australian outback? Is it spread across the Slavic region? Is it, somewhat improbably, in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean?

No, Iran is where it's always been, smack dab between Iraq and Afghanistan. But according to a poll conducted by Morning Consult, just 23% of registered voters could tell you that:

While what appears to be a majority of respondents correctly placed Iran in the Middle East/Western Asia region, a not insignificant number placed the country in various parts of Europe, Africa and, perhaps most disconcertingly, in the central United States.

Back to geography class, registered voters of America.

[Morning Consult]

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Long before we got this funny idea that maps had to be truthful, before Edney's ideal of cartography took hold, maps were full of conjectures, rumors, mistakes in surveying and even some outright frauds.

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