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It's safe to say that everyone probably has an opinion or two has about a state that they dislike the most, but rarely is that dislike made as apparent as in this map from Instagram account @matsurelee.

Matt Shirley asked his 300,000 followers to vote on which state their home state hates the most. What has emerged from these results is not meant to be comprehensive or scientifically accurate by any means, but it will definitely give you a good laugh. And for a full-sized image of the map, see here.

Unsurprisingly, neighboring states often share a mutual dislike towards each other — North and South Dakota hate each other, and so do Kansas and Missouri as well as Nebraska and Iowa. But sometimes a long distance effect takes place: almost every state in the west hates California, while states in the southeast hate Alabama and Florida. Florida, hilariously, hates itself.

Using the data provided by Shirley, Reddit user u/ayitasaurus replotted the map using arrows instead of colors that allows us to really see the acrimony between different states:

We could try to point out some more trends from this map, but we believe ayitasaurus already did it so pithily and brilliantly in their Reddit comment:

A couple trends pop out right away:

NE: Fuck MA and NJ

SE: Fuck AL and FL

Midwest/Plains: Fuck you/no fuck you

Mountain/West: Fuck CA

Couldn't have said it better ourselves, really, although it's pretty surprising how much hatred the Golden State inspires.

[Via Reddit]

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