The definition of life has been a challenge for scientists and philosophers alike. While many definitions have been put forward, what precisely differentiates the living from the non-living remains elusive. Are viruses alive? DNA molecules? Computer viruses? Biologically produced minerals?
Here's a cool calculator that helps you conceptualize dollar cost averaging; the practice of buying small amounts of something on a consistent schedule. What if you started buying $5 of BTC a week one year ago? What would that be worth today? Find out here.
Conflicts raging within “crypto” are endless. Heated debates take place on a wide spectrum of issues, with little attempt to devise compromises acceptable to both sides. Interestingly, it is the same people who consistently position themselves on opposite sides of these issues.
The Fold team just announced early access to their new app that let's you get bitcoin back when you shop at places like Amazon and Starbucks. On top of bitcoin back, the Fold app will allow consumers to shop in incognito mode.
Eh, not really. It's hard to measure the amount of hashrate at any given block. And if you look at a small data set with blocks with longer than average block intervals included it can skew the set. Check out James Prestwich's explanation here.
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